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Self-funding is a superior financial model for managing health insurance costs. Advantages include:

  • YOU retain unused claim funds, not a carrier
  • Qualifying company savings can exceed 35% off  fully-insured plans
  • Eliminate or minimize renewal volatility - much easier to manage renewals on a much smaller premium
  • You get to see all pertinent claims data – better benefit planning includes knowing your cost drivers
  • Enjoy brand and specialty prescription rebates - YOU get the rebates - not the carrier!

Many of our clients enjoy big savings, get to retain current doctors and maintain or improve current benefit offerings!

How We Can Help You

Self-Funded Plan Administrators is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) of employee benefit plans. We combine the benefits you desire with the best funding options available based on your company demographic and history. 

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What We Cover


As an independent TPA we can use multiple national provider networks, the best pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and our service center allows for full access to your claims data and benefit information. The employee portal provides the best in class service for your associates.

Funding Options

Our plans are developed for your particular situation based on company size, portability, appropriate levels of coverage and stop loss insurance to provide the optimal benefit and savings opportunity. We provide minimum and maximum funding options so you know the saving opportunity from the onset.

Comprehensive Service

We help establish quality health plans that incorporate tax-saving strategies, new benefit services, employee education, work site enrollment and HR and Affordable Care Act compliance services. Options for dental, vision, life, disability and indemnity benefits are available.

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